Losing weight the hard way.

I always think that dieting is the hard way to lose weight.  And then, I have a week like this last one.  We were hit with the nastiest of nasty stomach bugs and I lost 3.5 pounds in a matter of days.  Now THAT was a hard way to lose weight.

That said, I need to keep that ball rolling if at all possible.  Before the plague hit, I had gotten WAY off track.  I really want to get my focus back to eating real, filling foods.  I would like to work on upping my vegetable intake as well as water consumption.  In an ideal world, there would be exercise too.  Given that we are still trying to get back into a more normal place, I am not going to dwell on that too much – this week.

What I am going to dwell on is the reason I need to be focused on shedding some pounds.  My baby sister gets married less than 6 weeks and I want to be able to wear one of these.


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Words to Live By

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I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. I have been heavy, I have been in shape, I have been pregnant. I didn’t love any of those versions of me, honestly. I’ve always had higher expectations for myself than are probably realistic. And that’s when my OCD tendencies kick in and decide that if I can’t have the OMGPERFECT body, then it’s not worth trying at all. It’s a nasty, unhealthy cycle.

So I am making this my new mantra. It’s got to work better for me than twenty plus years of self-loathing.