Haiku Friday

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Three day weekend here
So looking forward to it
Rest, play, work, play, rest
Headed to The Nard
Gonna road trip with Joey
Hanging with old friends
Sunday and Monday
Lots of projects to work on
Time with the fam.


Haiku Friday

Rough week around here
Hit with a stomach bug, eew
Got us all real good
Hoping to rest up
We’ll need the coming weekend
For recovering
Lots not getting done
I guess that’s just how it goes
Maybe next week, huh?

Celery. What is the point?

I’ve never understood the point of raw celery. There aren’t many vegetables I won’t eat, but I do not eat raw celery under any circumstance. It falls somewhere FAR below peanut butter, raisins and okra on my list of most hated foods.

When I was a kid, people were forever thinking they could sneak raw celery into things and I wouldn’t notice. Seriously? It’s crunchy, for one thing. It tends to stick out like a sore thumb. And the strings? Gross. Who wants to deal with those in their teeth all day long? And on top of all that, it’s bitter. I make enough crabby faces on my own, I don’t need assistance from disgusting root vegetables.

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And let’s not forget my favorite argument in favor of raw celery. “It has negative calories!” If I want negative calories, I’ll exercise.  I prefer that the things I eat taste good or, you know, have some nutritional value. Upon examination of this nutritional data, the most significant nutrient celery seems to provide is SODIUM. If I want to consume 80mg of sodium, I think I’ll drink a couple Diet Cokes and save myself 18 calories.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Bleach. I Need Bleach.

I am known among my family as the one with  a sensitive stomach.  I gag when I open bottles that have been left on the counter a day too long and I trash (gasp!) reusable containers that have been sitting in my car for a week.  I am totally THAT person.

You can imagine, then, that when Joey was hit with an awful stomach bug last fall, it was tough for me.  I mean, it was tougher for him, but I struggled too.  I called my mom in delight the when he puked on me (several times) and I didn’t puke on him back.  I was that impressed with my mommyness.  I still kind of am.

So you know what’s worse than one pukey kid?  Two pukey kids.  Ugh.

I have no idea where they got this bug and therefore have nowhere to direct my rage (which is obviously the mature way to handle such issues).  Instead, I have been bombarding Twitter and my Instagram feed with hourly updates to what I am lovingly referring to at home as “the situation”.

The husband is staying home this morning so I can run in to work to get a few things done and then I’ll be back home with my sickies.  I intend to spend the afternoon washing our linens in the hottest of hot water.  I never use bleach on our clothes, but I think it may be called for in this situation – we cannot risk reinfection.  There’s already been more than enough gross around here.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This baby is 4 months old today.  How that happened, I have no idea.  I kind of wish he’d slow down a bit.

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days that leaves you feeling like there are a ton of bricks balancing on the top of your head?  That was today for me.  To be perfectly honest, it’s been that kind of week and it’s hard to get motivated to anything other than sit on my couch and stare at the walls.

I really wanted to find something creative to write about today, but it just didn’t happen.  I don’t have any brain cells left for fun and interesting. Tomorrow HAS to be better.  If it’s not, I’m quitting.

In the interest of not being a complete downer, though, how about a picture of one of my latest projects?  It’s just one of several items that will be available in my soon to be opened shop!

Saturday Walkabout

I recently discovered Pinterest (you can see my boards there under TheMamaChaos) and it’s been a dangerous, dangerous thing for me.  As if my Google Reader wasn’t already overflowing with tons of great craft ideas, awesome recipes and fun things I need want to buy, I now have a new place to look at other people’s finds too.  Here are my favorite five things from the past couple of weeks.

In our efforts to save money, we have been trying to do more meal planning lately.  I have the perfect spot for a Menu Planning Organizer like this one from Little Big Girl Studio – if only I had the time to make it.

My friend Christina at C+C Marriage Factory is always cooking something yummy (and usually healthy) looking on her blog.  This Green Chili Chicken Bake looks especially tasty.  If she didn’t live on the other side of the country, I’d probably be inviting myself to her place for dinner pretty frequently.

I have a huge crush on subway art.  These Modern Typography Birth Prints from the Etsy shop Mosie Posies so cool.  I’m thinking it might be fun to add these into the photo collage we’re planning to do on the staircase wall.

I’ve always loved mason jars.  My Mom, Gram, and Granny all used them to store various things so we’ve always kind of had them around.  I really like these Spray Painted Mason Jars (which were originally an Easter decor idea) from Just Another Day in Paradise. Kind of new take on an old favorite.

These Cake Push Ups from My Cake School are pretty much the coolest thing ever.  The end.