Weekend in (iPhone) Photos

It was a long, crazy weekend.

The boys and I went to a friend’s house on Friday night to decorate cookies.

On Saturday, I cleaned like a madwoman prepare for my mom’s arrival.  L did this on the couch while J napped in my bed.

After the boys went to bed (temporarily in J’s case), we colored eggs.

Remember how I said it was temporary?

Once everyone was FINALLY in bed, the bunny visited.

J and I went for an early morning Starbucks run Easter morning.

We had brunch at my Gram’s.

J hunted eggs in the backyard with his Great Gram.

We found lottery tickets in eggs (and won $8!).

We ate this Sunflower Peep Cake I made.

And then we attempted a photo shoot. Clearly, everyone was over Easter.

All in all, it was a good weekend, but I am really hoping for a little calm this weekend.

**Some of these photos are the Instagram version because for some reason all my originals didn’t save even though I have it set to do that.  I think the app is messing with me.  :/