Words to Live By

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I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. I have been heavy, I have been in shape, I have been pregnant. I didn’t love any of those versions of me, honestly. I’ve always had higher expectations for myself than are probably realistic. And that’s when my OCD tendencies kick in and decide that if I can’t have the OMGPERFECT body, then it’s not worth trying at all. It’s a nasty, unhealthy cycle.

So I am making this my new mantra. It’s got to work better for me than twenty plus years of self-loathing.


Saturday Walkabout

I recently discovered Pinterest (you can see my boards there under TheMamaChaos) and it’s been a dangerous, dangerous thing for me.  As if my Google Reader wasn’t already overflowing with tons of great craft ideas, awesome recipes and fun things I need want to buy, I now have a new place to look at other people’s finds too.  Here are my favorite five things from the past couple of weeks.

In our efforts to save money, we have been trying to do more meal planning lately.  I have the perfect spot for a Menu Planning Organizer like this one from Little Big Girl Studio – if only I had the time to make it.

My friend Christina at C+C Marriage Factory is always cooking something yummy (and usually healthy) looking on her blog.  This Green Chili Chicken Bake looks especially tasty.  If she didn’t live on the other side of the country, I’d probably be inviting myself to her place for dinner pretty frequently.

I have a huge crush on subway art.  These Modern Typography Birth Prints from the Etsy shop Mosie Posies so cool.  I’m thinking it might be fun to add these into the photo collage we’re planning to do on the staircase wall.

I’ve always loved mason jars.  My Mom, Gram, and Granny all used them to store various things so we’ve always kind of had them around.  I really like these Spray Painted Mason Jars (which were originally an Easter decor idea) from Just Another Day in Paradise. Kind of new take on an old favorite.

These Cake Push Ups from My Cake School are pretty much the coolest thing ever.  The end.